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Geothermal Services

HVAC repair you can rely on!

Finding a good HVAC technician that you can depend on for all your heating and cooling system repairs and maintenance can be hard to achieve. For this reason, our skilled team of specialists at Energywise brings you the best workmanship, quality products and equipment you can trust and afford.

In keeping with our vision we offer only the best qualified technicians in our team at Energywise Long Island.

When it comes to prices we strive to be the market leaders in affordability and thus offer you market competitive services plans and repairs to suit your commercials and residential needs. 

Our geothermal heating and cooling system options offer a cost effective way to heat or cool your home. Plus you can enjoy several benefits from choosing this type of HVAC system for your home or business.

Advantages of geothermal HVAC repair systems

Geothermal systems are friendly to the environment as it uses a natural source of heating and cooling from the ground. It doesn’t make use of natural gas or propane to operate and thus a healthier option as well.

Geothermal systems are proven to be efficient even more so than electric furnaces and are known to have a long lifespan. Another advantage is that these HVAC systems are much quieter than the rest which is great for peace and quiet, when it’s most needed. 

For maintenance, geothermal systems have proven to be more cost effective than conventional air conditioning systems over a long period.

Our HVAC service technician will help you establish the most suitable system for your home and budget and will take care of all the installations and more. We are safe, efficient and take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

Emergency HVAC repairs at anytime when you need it most

HVAC emergencies can be unpredictable especially if you haven’t serviced your system in a long time. You could need repairs done at any time of the day and emergencies don’t ask you to be ready. You can trust our HVAC repair Long Island team to come to your aid as soon as possible. 

You may ask what about HVAC repair near me? Energywise services the Suffolk and Nassau County and have been helping several businesses and residential homes get the best in geothermal and all other HVAC systems. 

Next time you find yourself in need of quality HVAC repair Long Island has to offer, simply look no further than Energywise to help you with your needs. Contact us for more information about our complete services options and prices.

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