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HVAC on Long Island NY keeps your home or business livable. Freezing winters and hot summers are common with humidity and weather wearing on your systems. Energy Wise AC helps extend the lifetime of your furnaces and air conditioners, saving money while promoting a safe environment.

How often should I maintain my HVAC systems?

Extending the lifetime of your systems requires regular maintenance. Professionals look beneath the surface to find broken or loose parts.

Maintaining your system increases the life of your mechanical components by over five years, less than one-quarter of the lifetime of your expensive furnace or air conditioner. Every fall, your furnace needs to be checked while air conditioners should be examined every spring.

What is the cost of air conditioner or furnace maintenance?

The total cost of maintenance depends on the parts that need to be replaced. If you require duct cleaning, prices may increase by an additional $300.

The price for a checkup is as high as $150. Energy Wise AC inspects homes and businesses for $99.95, using skilled technicians who help us maintain our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Save money with maintenance

Maintenance is cost-effective. Parts and service for air conditioners cost the average homeowner $300 annually.

The minimum cost of a new air conditioner is $2,426 with higher-end models meant for commercial use running into the tens of thousands of dollars. Furnaces are no less extensive with a new furnace averaging $3100 for residences and much larger for larger office spaces.

What is the lifespan of my furnace or air conditioner?

The average lifespan for a heater or air conditioner is 10-20 years. Heating systems that are not electricity-based last much longer than cooling systems.

Poor maintenance can reduce efficiency to the point where you are spending more on utilities while owning a system that lasts for half as long. Proper maintenance eases stress on your equipment.

Reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

One of the most dangerous risks when using a gas-based heating system is carbon monoxide poisoning. Broken gas lines cause gas to spill into your home while parts that no longer function may allow smoke to enter your living area or workspace.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer responsible for thousands of deaths every year. Nearly 200 people die from poisoning each year while more than 5000 die from exposure due to smoke. Improper or poor maintenance is dangerous.

HVAC on Long Island NY

Keeping comfortable in the summer or winter are a primary concern for residents in New York. Rain, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures are common in the winter while the summer often brings heat warnings.

Maintaining your air conditioning and heating systems saves you money and improves your health and well-being. Poorly maintained systems are a potential death trap.

Energy Wise AC keeps your system from failing and your home warm or cool. Contact us for tune-up deals, repair, and installation to ensure a comfortable living and workspace.

Hvac Long Island Ny

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