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Our technicians provide quality installation and servicing for Mitsubishi ductless units. Mitsubishi units are the industry standard, and we make sure that all of our services fit every single one of your needs as a customer. Our systems are easy to use, but extremely effective when it comes to household heating and cooling. Contact Energywise today for more information about our Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems, or for a free estimate.

What is Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning?

Until now, archaic split-zoning air conditioning and heat pump systems have been the solution for heating and cooling systems over the world. These systems are terrible to repair, break easily, and don’t work as efficiently as our Mitsubishi ductless units. The secret? All of our quiet and powerful systems only have three main components: an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a remote controller. Installation is a quick job for one of our technicians – to make the change, contact us today!

Why Mitsubishi Electric Systems?

Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in split-ductless air-conditioning technology – period. Nobody comes close to Mitsubishi’s standard of excellence and their quiet, easy-to-use, energy-efficient units. With this, we can assure you that our split-ductless technology products are built to last, since they carry the Mitsubishi Electric name. Mitsubishi electric units will provide the most comfort for you, both in your home and the office. We put our trust in the superior technology of Mitsubishi, and our customers do too.

Where Can Mitsubishi Products Be Used?

From the blazing hot New York summers, to the frozen cold winters, Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling can handle any temperature. Our split-zoning systems have years of innovation and improvement, giving you the exact comfort temperature you know and love. The best part is – they require no ductwork – which means minimal changes to older pre-A/C buildings. Mitsubishi Electric is the perfect solution for any situation or location, which is why we stand behind their products. Add one of their products to any number of buildings or rooms today, including but not limited to: enclosed sunrooms, upstairs bedrooms, classrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, workout rooms, computer rooms, offices and churches. Equipped with anti-allergen filters that prevents the cross-flow of contaminated air, you can feel happy with your own personal Mitsubishi Electric unit. Just contact us, and we’ll set it up.

How does it work?

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating can fit into almost any space because their innovative engineering optimizes the capabilities of the INVERTER technology and R410A refrigerant for more efficient systems with smaller indoor and outdoor units. We strive to use units that are extremely environmental friendly, by using R410A refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), and using units built out of recyclable materials.

To find out more about Mitsubishi Electric split-zoning products, contact Energywise today at 631-228-8401.

Only Diamond Dealers can offer a 7 year warranty on parts and compressors.

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