Boiler Repair Long Island

When cold weather settles around your home, it’s vital to make sure that your boiler system is in proper working condition. You don’t want your house to be without heat during the cold season, so you need to care for your boiler system. A properly maintained boiler system can help you avoid costly repairs and ensure your boiler system is working efficiently.  

We know finding the right heating technician who is going to provide the proper care for your boiler system can be challenging. Our team at Energywise can help you perform your boiler maintenance, and do it all for the right price.  

So, read through the tips below to keep your boiler system in great shape.

  1. Check the Water Level

You need to check the boiler system water level at least twice per month. You’re damaging the boiler system if the unit is operating with less or no water. It can also cause an accident and put your property in danger. Checking the water level gives you peace of mind because you know that the unit’s features are in good working condition.

  1. Check the Pressure

You need to check the pressure gauge periodically to ensure that the boiler is operating according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level. You can top the pressure if it is low. Keep in mind that it’s easy to damage the pressure valve, so you need to do this carefully. 

  1. Check the Flame

Your gas-fired boiler flame should always be blue. An orange or yellow boiler means that the boiler system is faulty, and you need to call a technician to get it checked. We at Energywise can help you check your boiler flame.

  1. Inspect the Ventilation

Boilers need good ventilation to function properly. So make sure the boiler’s area is free from clutter. Ensure that it is easily accessible with an access panel if the boiler is housed in a box. Refer to your manufacturer’s guide for proper ventilation.

  1. Clean the Air Vents and Flues

You likely are dealing with a faulty boiler system if you notice accumulated debris and dirt in its air vents and flues or a rise in your energy bills recently. Over time, dirt can block your boiler’s air passage forcing the boiler system to work harder. When the boiler works harder to produce heat, it causes your utility bills to go up. Therefore, it’s recommended you clean the vents and flues regularly.

  1. Flush the Boiler

It is recommended you flush your boiler system at least twice a year if you live in an area that has water issues. This is because minerals found in hard water build up in your boiler system to create scale. This accumulated scale can damage its internal components because it lowers the boiler’s efficiency. 

  1. Lubricate Moving Parts

Regular lubricating your boiler mechanical parts provide smooth operation. Lubrication also supports the boiler’s working capacity. Some of the parts that are frequently in motion include the fan and pumps, so ensure to lubricate these components.

Why You Need Professional?

Boilers can be complicated or simple, so it requires professional help. To ensure your heating system works perfectly, call Energywise today. Our professional team will restore the heating system in your home, whether you’re looking to install a new boiler or repair an old boiler in Long Island.


Boiler Repair Long Island

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