Boiler Installation Long Island

A boiler is a basic necessity in the house, particularly in a cold climate. When it comes to safeguarding your home during the winter, the boiler comes in handy. You don’t have to keep waiting until the first frost to make sure your heating system is in good working order. If you are looking to install a boiler system or repair an old unit or if you’re unsure of its condition, you can trust Energywise for your boiler service in Long Island.  

What are the Benefits of a Boiler System? 

You don’t want to be without heat in your home when it starts to snow outside. While forced-air distribution heating systems, such as furnaces, are incredibly popular, there are some issues regarding their performance that make many homeowners consider the boiler system. If you’ve never thought about the benefits of having a boiler system in your home, read on to find out more. 


  • The boiler provides a clean form of heating that doesn’t produce dust and other allergens. In forced-air systems, the new air can cause allergens and dust to infiltrate the atmosphere. But in the boiler system, the heat radiates out into the existing air, so no new air is entering the space, and no risk of dust particles and other allergens. 
  • You will get high-quality heat when you use a boiler system. The heat from the boiler radiator infuses the room instead of being forced through ductwork. This allows the radiator to produces fresher heat and disperses the heat more evenly than forced-air systems. 
  • Quiet operation is another benefit of a boiler system. Unlike forced air systems that generate a lot of noise when air circulates out of the vents, the operational noise of a boiler is confined inside the boiler system while the rest of the system is silent.
  • Boilers save you money and natural resources because they use very little natural gas during operation, and the water used is recycled inside of the system.
  • A boiler system can last for many years. They can last a lot longer because they don’t have many moving mechanical parts. The boiler system might cost a little more for you to purchase, but it’s a worthwhile investment. 
  • Boilers system can be used with pressurized cylinders, so they don’t need a feed and expansion tank or cold water feed tank. This saves space and still gives you the option of having a boiler system in your home, even if you don’t have a loft.

Why You Need Professional Service? 

Boilers are one of those heating systems that require professional care. They are a little bit different from most air-heating systems, so you need a technician with the right expertise. 

If you are considering upgrading a boiler system, contact Energywise. Our team has experience installing new boilers and repairing old boiler systems in historic areas of Long Island. Speak to one of our staff, and we’ll help you schedule professional boiler services to ensure your heater works for the years to come.





Boiler Installation Long Island

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